Service Offerings

Y&Stevo  offers complete solutions, business development and projects in various business fields with the aim of reducing costs, improving efficiency, optimizing processes and increasing revenues and profits using experience in world international trade, high-tech automation, engineering solutions, experienced and qualified people, as well as a vast global network.

Industrial Automation and Robotics

• Project Management

• Pilot Products

• Machining

• Power Systems

• General Automation

• Robotics and Automation Processes

• Services and Maintenance

• Industries

• Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Industrial

• Railway, Renewable Energies, General Industries


• Export of vintage cars from Brazil

• Perfect condition, totally renovated, customized VW Beetle (60s to 90s), VW Variant (70s), VW Brasilia (70s to 80s), VW Karman Ghia (60s, 70s), VW Notch Back (60s, 70s), Chevrolet Opala (70s-90s), VW Van (70s to 90s), VW Golf

• Export of auto parts from Brazil and China

• Original and similar parts

• Custom parts and accessories

• Export of used cars from Japan


• Business Development

• Projects for high speed constructions importing technology from China

• Light Steel Frame Systems

• Portable Buildings

• Prefabricated Buildings

• Platerframe/ Drywall

• EPS Plates – Thermal Insulation

• Cement Plates

• External Coating

• Inner Coating – Wallpaper

• PVC Roof Tiles

• Vinyl Floors – PVC

• Windows

Renewable Energies

• Solar Panels

• High Capacity Lithium Batteries

• Complete Solar Generator Systems

• Full Engineering Project Solutions

• Renewable Energy Projects

• Reduction of fuel costs

• Adequacy to new rules for emissions of pollutants

• Solar Plug-in Hybrid Motors

IT Project Development

• AI

• Machine Learning



• E-commerce

• Websites

• Mobile Apps

• Web Scrappers

• Automation Robots, etc.

Medical PPE

• Protection Mask:

– National, Imported,

– PFF2, KF94

– Triple layer of non-woven fabric

• Procedure gloves

• Caps

• Facial Protector

• Safety Glasses
• Disposables

Import and Export

• Automotive
• Renewable Energy
• Construction
• Industrial automation
• Machines for industries, molds, injectors…

Beauty Products

• Makeup

• Skin Products
• Beauty accessories
• Brushes
• Beauty Kits
• Cleaning Sponges
• Necessáires

Machinery for Industries

• Engines and Turbines

• Farm and Garden

• Construction, Mining, And Materials Handling

• Metalworking

• Computer and Office

• Refrigeration and Service Industry

• Miscellaneous Industrial and Commercial

• General Industrial

• Molds, Injectors..

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We believe that the protagonism of our teams and therefore we need innovative people. People who think outside the box, who are active, committed and who want to make a future with us.


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